This handcrafted Shabby Chic elastic headbands with pearl botton center and pearl lining is simple, fashionable, comfortable and easy to wear for all ages from 7 months old to adults. It is made with 3 flowers, lined with soft felt backing and a 1/8"  size elastic, but can also be made with 5/8" elastic. It is a one size fit all because the skinny elastic stretches more to fit any head size than the thick flat 5/8"elastic. It also fits lightly on the head that you will almost not feel it on your head, which makes it suitable for all day wear. The 5/8" elastic is best for infants and not recommended for kids above 12month except you choose to.  You can make your elastic choice below.


Due to the light feel of this headband, a lot of people prefer the skinny elestic headbands than the flat 5/8" elastic size, which sometime could easily slip off. Because of the thinnest of the elastic, it does not slip off your head and can also stay hidden under your hair, only exposing the flower. Wear this to work, party or just causal outting and be the center of attention.

Aqua, Ivory & Silver Shabby Flower Chic Elastic Headband w/Pearl